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  • Land and Sea Risotto
    This is one of Chef Maroun’s favorite risotto recipes. The combination of Chorizo, shrimps and calamari makes this dish unique and flavorful. People tend to think that making a good risotto is hard. However, it is very simple to do as long as you follow the directions. The cardinal rule in making risotto is to have everything ready before you start cooking: the rice, the wine, your other ingredients and the serving bowls must all be ready before you start cooking. As the famous saying goes: "Everyone waits for risotto, but risotto waits for no one." Buon Ap find out more
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  • Green Lentil Salad, Beet & Rhubarb Vinaigrette
    This Mediterranean lentil salad is a healthy, flavorful veggie-rich salad, mixed with rhubarb vinaigrette. Delicious flavors and colors blend harmoniously with the lentils and the bouquet of Mediterranean greens, Halloumi cheese and beetroot. Chef Maroun loves using lentils because they are such a great source of lean protein, fiber and iron too. Ingredients: Green Lentils 260 gr Diced Boiled Beetroot 200gr Cherry Tomatoes Cut in Half 60gr Minced Chives 4gr Purslane (Bakleh) Leaves 20gr Wild Rocket Leaves 20gr Diced Radish 30gr Thyme (Zaatar) Leaves find out more
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  • Horeca Tradeshow - Lebanon
    In its 21st edition, the premier hospitality trade fair in the region. find out more
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