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The Company, Maroun Chedid SAL
The Company, Maroun Chedid SAL
Maroun Chedid s.a.l. is a pioneering company specializing in the culinary arts.
Passion for cooking, attention to detail and rigor are the building blocks of this company that has branched out into two main sectors:
Catering & Fine Dining and Consulting & Business Development.
Since its inception in 2012, its main objective has been to develop, deliver and execute refined culinary experiences. From consulting restaurants and venues on their operations to creating enticing and creative menus, the company has become a leader in the hospitality industry with renowned restaurant & hotel names on its client roster list.

The company offers as well catering services with tailor-made menus for corporate and special events. Maroun Chedid sal currently operates in two main sectors:
Consulting & Business Development
Consulting & Business Development
The food and beverage industry can be very competitive.Restaurants and culinary concepts must constantly redefine and reinvent themselves. Service delivery must be impeccable.
Maroun Chedid s.a.l. provides consultancy solutions that span from simple menu creation to full-fledged culinary concept creation, and operations management and organization.

Solutions include:
  • F & B Market Positioning, Business Models & Standard Operating Procedures
  • Kitchen & Back of the House Design & Operations
  • Food & Beverage Menu Concept Generation & Development
  • Menu Execution and Tasting, Recipe Standardization, Menu and Mise-En-Place Training
  • Human Resources: Interviewing, Recruiting, Scheduling
  • Employees Capability Building, Modular Training, Work Regulations and Rules, Training Manuals & Standard Operation Procedures
Because Cooking is a Fine Art is the motto we live by at Maroun Chedid sal.
It is the basis of everything we do and can be felt in every service we provide, every meal we prepare and the extra special touch we add to all of your culinary experiences. Maroun is the perfect embodiment of this drive for perfection that together with his passion for cooking makes us all believe in his talent and art.